Jeremy McComb


"The Emmy Award Winning Jackie Pillers….."

I can not tell you how many times I’ve said that, and that every time that announcement echoed through the Wheel of that Monday night show, the smiled that beamed back. She was the light and the constant of that show,  and the heart.  It was a stupid, vulgar off color show that I started because I was tired of playing downtown and I thought if I started calling people assholes or not playing any music I’d defiantly get fired. The show went on for 5 years. 100% because of The emmy award winning Jacking Pillers. I met her thru my publicist at a CMAFest years and years ago and hit it off immediately. it started as seeing her at events I was playing or part of, then it was The Wheel, then beers and the she became my date to the Predators games where we would often laugh that she was the only woman I could bring to the games as my wife worked them.

During that stupid little show at the Wheel we had a crew, a crew of regulars who would walk thru the door and like Cheers would enjoy that announcement of their arrival to their friends and the tourists of downtown.  Of course there were no strangers to Jackie. Whether she brought her Mom or sister down or her brother in law Ted or as Pills & I referred, “The Bad ass”. She had a table full, even more amazing if she came alone by the end of the night she was sitting talking with new friends, from Minnesota, or gasp Vegas..

Vegas Jackie became a source of laughs for us all in our group, her alter Ego who gave her and that absolute infectious smile the ability to do whatever the hell she wanted without consequence. The Kid Rock Requesting, Fireball shot with a Bud light Vegas Jackie. We could tell dirty jokes and laugh and it would never reflect on the Emmy Award winning Jackie Pillers because what happened when Vegas Jackie was around stayed right there. =0)

We had a slew of inside jokes that we repeated week after week, Hockey game after hockey game, show after show. She knew EVERYONE and made them come down. She was friends with everyone from the Hilton bellhop guys who let her park for free to Garth Brooks and she treated each of them the same. A warm smile, a Laugh, and a memory that rivaled an elephant.

The thing that always stuck out to me, was that it wasn’t just the friendship that she gave us,or had for us.. Or the laughs and the smiles.. She had something deeper, for everyone she met, for everyone she knew- From the famous, to the publicist, to the bartender, to the Hilton bellhop, to the camera guys, the media people, the news anchors, the sisters and brothers of friends, the bouncers, Monday nighters at the Wheel and to Singer who was able to befriend and get to know that smile, she had a Belief. a Real and honest belief in all of us that we could do great things. That we could be better.  That she had the inside track on all of it and we were great at whatever it was we were doing..and to keep doing it.

That big hug and smile and the “I’m so happy & proud for you” is what I’ll keep with me. And I hope someday I have 1% of the belief and the ability to see the good in people that she could. To the Old crew of us and the rest of us who all have all of those special moments, I wanna thank all of you for each of those moments.. and to the Emmy Award Winning Jackie Pillers, Thank you, We Love you and I hope Heaven has a Vegas where you can sneak off to and raise some hell. I will never Not miss Your Smile-

Ladies & Gentleman, I Give You- The Emmy Award Winning Jackie Pillers

From Kourtney & My entire family – We will miss You-

I Love You Pills


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