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What a Wild year its been, Time just slips away, I don’t know where it goes. Here’s what I do know its moving too fast for me.

This has been the busiest year of my life.. I read somewhere on a blog of a touring musician that when running, time zone to time zone, place to place, state to state The only things that stay in focus are the things that are moving with you. It’s True- if it’s not living in your space and moving with you it’s blurry, like mailbox on some rural country road you pass at 5 in the morning at 75 mph, green and red lights shining from a dash board, early morning radio (Prime Country) quietly bending the corners of America while our bunks in our tour rig are full of us sleeping while our driver gets us to the next city, the next place to try and win.  Constantly swinging, telling the same stories, the successes & Failures and laughs. Each night getting better and older and wiser and less cynical about a business I didn’t understand as a young man and artist on a major label.

The road normally hits me pretty hard in November- a years worth of flights, bus bunks, hotels, normally get me into a pretty intense regular chiropractor rotation come November where Dr. Jeff Shakes his head at the work of his I ruined over the past months. This year tho something different, It hit me in June- Hard.. So I started the rotation early and it reminded me that I’m working- HARD and traveling Heavy and playing ALOT and what a blessing that is, to be here in Nashville 10 years and still be relevant. To still be able to do this night after night. I look around and the people that came up in our “Class” of Artists back then and they are either doing it on a large level (Lady A, EYB) or gone, Moved away, like it never happened. what a city- What a Business and what a year. My mind has shifted from the HEAVY workload of touring to what is next-#1 FINALLY RELEASING “FM” and getting it to all of you who made it possible. Y’all have waited so Long and I hope it is worth the wait. Just know the things that have kept it from being released thus far were things that we believed would help us take it to the next level. I hope y’all understand and accept my apology on the wait time and most of all I hope you each feel such a special place in this process. I hope you would do it again, and I hope each of you understand what you mean to me..

For the first time in 6 months I’m home for more than 2 days, my ears still ringing- My wife wondering while I say “Huh”? a lot, the answer is the beatings they’ve taken all year have probably eroded away some more frequencies. I wonder why anyone in the world would wanna put this beating on themselves. and the answer is still the same as it was for me 20 years ago- That it might matter, to just one person a night. Maybe it’ll mean something, Maybe just maybe It will Matter. I’ve given my life to wire and wood and songs and they’ve given me all of you who have given me this life.. I’m so Thankful, So So Thankful and humbled – and if nothing else is true, Know That I’ll be back in your town as soon as I can and this lightly older me will leave everything I have on that stage for each of you overnight in hopes it might just Matter.

Happy Almost October friends.. we’re almost there Huh? Wherever it is we’re aiming.



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