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The Northeast, 12 hours at Home and Then Texas..

The Only things that stay in Focus are the things moving with you….12049179_10153065914107595_4539208255424054720_n

Wow what a great (and crazy week) – We’ve spent all week in the Northeast enjoy some amazing people, cities, Bourbon, stories and so much more, I’ll never get over how much I love this Life…

Its always so much fun to get back into a region I don’t get to much, But we’re trying to change that.. 12038449_10153068946047595_2000842277188309372_n

I had the chance to get back out with my friends at RIDE2RECOVERY an amazing veterans Organization, played a cruise ship for
1201262289-smallthem and was able to see some old friends before taking off for Maryland & then Back to Pennsylvania.. So after criss-cross the state, visiting friends in Elton, Maryland and drinking bourbon at the Bar where Edgar Alan Poe Wrote “THE RAVEN” (before placing a curse on the building when he slipped in the mud) we finished up at the Mechanicsburg Race Track and pointed our bus deer-parkToward Nashville where I’m writing this from..

12046715_10153067763792595_8890536913510808436_nI’m home for 12 hours, a quick shower and then back in the bus to get back too TEXAS Finally!! – Me and my hit songwriting friend Rick Huckaby are playing the East Texas State Fair, excited to be back in the lone-star State.. It has always been so Kind to me and we are really focusing on getting Texas BACK into a major touring area for us again!!

Can’t wait to see everyone out here on the road!! Keep an eye out for new dates being posted!!!

Mucho Loveo Amigos


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