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The Final Few Runs of "FM"

So 2015 is almost over and every year I seem to write this same kind of post about how fast it’s gone, how great the shows have been, how much I’ve been gone blah blah blah…

And all that is still true but, The truth is I’m a little different this year than in years past.. I took a beating out there this year, Normally my body, joints, and everything else attached to me starts punching me in the soul around November for a years worth of my bus bunk, weird Hotel rooms, peoples couches, Greenroom couches, Airplane seats, airport bars etc. The difference is This year that soul punch came in June.  As we speak my Chiropractor is buying a new boat and thinking of other ways to spend what I’m paying him .. and Most of the years when the tour ends I look back on a year well spent of seeing all of your amazing faces.. (Which is true as well) but this year it’s a little different,  I look back and feel like I could’ve done something more, I Dunno special- I feel like in Country Music (If I fit into that anymore since I don’t rap) we’re bringing you all the same show. We do our songs that *Hopefully* Radio played in your city followed by a clever way to put The “Fresh Prince” Theme song into something you didn’t see coming to get a big rise out of the crowd. Is it Fun to do that Hell Yes it is, But I wanna be more than that with y’all.. I wanna connect on more of a level than, “Wow Your sweet Home Alabama Rap is Badass”-

So I’m gonna do things differently in 2016- Soon there will be a pre-order up for “FM”on iTunes. (Am I the only artist that tours for 15 months on a record that isn’t out yet?)

After That I plan on releasing at LEAST 3 EP’s Next year, these may be a little different, some maybe Acoustic, some may sound different than what you’ve heard from me in the past BUT, I promise for all of you that have been here for years supporting me, following me, coming to my shows, I really Believe this will be your favorite stuff. (I hope)

While all of that is Happening, I’m gonna be re-tooling HOW I bring you my Live show next year, Meaning- I want it to be an Experience for EACH of you. I don’t want it to be just another show of mine. I want all of us, Me included to feel like we’re closer, More connected and most of all that we’re doing this for a REASON outside of it’s My living on my end and i’t Friday Night in your city. You’re gonna see a lot more honesty out of my performances in 2016, with NEW music in these shows, stories, Connects and an Experience that will be very different and (My Goal) is Better than any of my shows y’all have seen before.

I’ll be doing MUCH More online in terms on Video, allowing you into the road we’re on: As Well as blogs on here, updates and all that.. So for each of you I’ve seen this year THANK GOD FOR EACH of you who continue to take this journey and this leap of faith with me.. Lets make this connection Tighter than ever & for those of You I’ll be seeing in the next few weeks, Thanks in Advance for making it all so Real & Special..


Here’s something to Listen to (It’s a work Tape I wrote last Year I think) – Opening up this kind of stuff to y’all next year as well… #VulnerableToYou


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