Jeremy McComb


Damn, That escalated Quickly,

So here it comes friends, I know so many of y’all have waited so long for this thing to see the light of day (And So Have I)

FM-5This Album “FM” (Pronounced Eff ’em) is a labor of love for me, I Love & believe in every song on this project & I hope that a few of these may touch y’all like they have me.. I hope a few make your personal soundtrack to something cool next year- 2016- I’m ready for it.

This record is a coming to light record for me and it’s reflected in the Title.

George Carlin is a HUGE influence on me as an artist. I don’t know why I’ve always been so drawn to Comedy but by Virtue, Carlin is the Northstar of it for me. The Mark of a GREAT Artist being I disagreed with almost everything he said, but still Loved him for it.. He had gotten blackballed in VEGAS for saying “Asshole” or something to that effect on stage during a time when you couldn’t say that shit. So the next record he made was AM/FM which was his way of saying- “Hey Folks, I Threw the switch and I’m gonna be me… Here’s where I’m at right now” and bye bye went the Hippy-Dippy Weather man and out Came CARLIN-

So for me this record was doing everything I wanted at the time, My Producer Jamie Tate is a MASTER, a Patient and hopelessly addicted to making good music. He and I share some opinions and differ on most, and I love him for it, and I think it’s a better record because of it.

So Here it is “FM” – This is exactly where I was, Who I was and something I’m so proud to have written with my friends & created with the amazing people at the RUKKUS ROOM, With this Title I too am flipping a switch of what is to be expected from me- All Year I toured on a record that wasn’t out yet- I wanted people to hear me do these songs LIVE and THEN get the record, and feel the differences, hopefully notice some cool things we did within it and god willing learn the love them over again as the recorded versions.

2016 is just a few weeks away (Holy shit I haven’t even started shopping..) and in the new year I’m excited to bring all of you a totally different show, a Different environment & Experience on how I deliver it to all of you amazing faces who come out and take these shows in time and time (150 of them this year)

next year will hopefully excited you with how it looks, feels and sounds and with it is coming at LEAST 3 EP’s Next year, all different tones, All somewhat different but all of them 100% me & Honest. – Thanks so much for your patience on this record, I hope you fucking LOVE it. I hope theres things you can laugh with, cry to and maybe put some of your memories too.. I hope you play it on your road trips and burn it for your friends. AND if you do, Come tell me at a show, There’s nothing better to brighten up a day then being in a city on the road and hearing that Something I created Mattered.. I Hope this one Matters to you as much as it mattered to me Creating it- (I’ve found, The more I leap, The more y’all catch me)


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