2016- New Tour, New Name, New Album New Shows!!!

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It’s Here People, The FUTURE!! Happy 2016~

So much to do, so much to Talk about- First off, My New record “FM” is out NOW!!

I can’t believe it, After so so much work, and ALL OF YOU who made it possible it is out!-

Now for My Kickstarters out there, #1 Your Patience is astounding, Thank you for not giving up Hope..

We are going to do some special pressings for all of you who were absolutely instrumental in Making this record!!-

It really is the culmination of my years on the road, Living in Nashville coming up on 11 years and Growing up the the pacific Northwest. I’ve NEVER been more proud of any project than I am of this. We’re excited to get it out to our friends in Radio who will hopefully be playing it in your town soon!!

Get YOUR Copy of FM HERE



This year we will be on the road for my 2016 “GRIT” Tour – The way of thinking not the Breakfast

Grit We are working on a Entirely new set, New Songs, New Stories and Hopefully an even stronger way to connect with each of you at the shows.

Every Year I look for ways to make these shows more personal, more real and more fun, I’m super stoked for the road in 2016 and VERY Excited to be putting a MAJOR focus on TEXAS & The Southeast – So if there’s somewhere you wanna see us make sure you let me know on Facebook, Twitter or wherever you like to interact with me..

I Can’t tell y’all how much you mean to me- Thanks for making all of this so so Amazing!!!


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