Summertime for the 2016 GRIT TOUR

Posted By: Jeremy McComb On:

It’s been an Insane, I mean In-Fucking-Sane Summer-

So these updates have been a lot further between then I intend.. But I’m so so Thankful to see everything moving the way it is.. This year has been one of the busiest in my Career and I’m so proud of the product we’re putting on the road every night.. I feel like we’re just seeing everything so clearly, playing the best music I feel Like I’ve written in a way thats hard to explain, It all just feels right..

The crowds have been un-real, and I’m just humbled and Thankful.. I just got home from a 5 week run so I’m gonna keep this short and sweet but to each of you – THANK YOU for keeping this train moving..

We’ve got a LOT more to come and we’re adding a BUNCH of shows now for the Fall/Winter of this tour..

Love Y’all!!


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