Big week in My House!!!

Posted By: Jeremy McComb On:

Its a BIG week in our House.. My album drops tomorrow and more importantly My Wife’s Show Nashville on CMT Returns for it’s final season. Kourtney has been on this show since the Pilot. 6 years! Long before her Character #Emily Had a name, or any kind of story it was just an assistant. Kourts talent, ability, depth and perseverance with even that little of an explanation of a Character gave this “Assistant” some depth and meaning. and BECAUSE of her performance (in my opinion) she got her name, she got a chance to be a living a breathing piece of the past 6 years by the side of The Star of this series.375117_3124725894953_811856836_n

EMILY, was brought to life by a Hard working, deeply loving, compassionate beautiful Hurricane of a woman I call my wife. She is fiery and respectful, Loving and quick witted and Cares with all of her heart about everyone who she came in contact with on this show. On more than one occasion I’ve watched her filled with emotion over the loss of a crew member, Camera man or Character. This show is better because she was on it. and thats not biased, Because I believe when you have people in any organization be it a hit TV show or a Jimmy Johns, when Someone LOVES the people and the mission statement as much as My wife does Then it HAS to be better. She’s Too humble to even realize it herself. So I’ll scream it from the fucking Mountain, Nashville, My Family Thanks you for the past 6 years of this amazing show, and What a job well done each of you did, along with being Pretty amazing fortune that EMILY was apart of this show.

Who the FUCK does this guy think he is?

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