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Mannnn… There are so many fucking pages to keep updated that I just can’t keep up.

Social media has nine pages and then theres my “Adult performer” webpage I have to update.. Okay most of that is true.. anyhow-

The Continuation of the Troublemaker tour is going incredible & crazy once again. We’re all over the Map and Hopefully close to your house at some point so you can come enjoy some super inappropriate chatter and some great songs. ( I mean, I think They’re great!)

Make sure you’re keeping an eye on my Bandsintown Page or my Calendar page on here so y’all know where I’m at!!

The new Record is out, and I’m super excited from the feedback coming back from all of you guys out there!! It’s so Humbling to have an idea and take it thru to completion and to give it to you and hear back from y’all that you’re enjoying it. I’m already kicking around more than a few ideas to try and get another Full length record out this year (2018)

I’m also gearing up to re-launch my Podcast (2Dumb2Quitpodcast) I’m guessing in March~

Soooo along with the Tour I Also have a few new Partners that are making amazing shit!! I don’t endorse anything I don’t love & use and most of all I just share it with y’all because I think y’all will love it too!!

First off is CR Ranchwear & Kimes Ranch Jeans – These are the folks making all my wardrobe stuff for on and off stage and they’re incredible! Its all country lifestyle stuff and the Threads are amazing!!! The fit, the style all of it so check them both out respectively and keep an eye out for a very special “Jeremy McComb” Line coming soon!

Now on to Hats, Y’all KNOW I love hats and Branded Bills Makes the fucking coolest hats not he planet, whether its your own logo, your companies logo or whatever, Branded bills Kills the competition when it comes to Lids.. Seriously!

and my newest partner (and my Wife LOVES this one as well) Original Grain Watches & accessories! These Dudes are making Badass watches out of Guitars and whiskey Barrels and that right there should tell y’all that We’re a natural fit. I’ve tried other watches made with wood and they didn’t hole up, they were fragile and although they may have looked cool, they didn’t function as a high end watch, but MAN These Things DO!!! They’ve got the weight of a High end watch (without the price) along with that strength and To make it even better they look incredible.

Now, I know thats a lot of info on “endorsements” but the truth is, everyone of these companies are run by my friends, people I believe in and dreams I want to foster and be part of. I believe in American businesses & small business entrepreneurs and thats who they are, They’re all doing all they can to make their goals reality all while jumping on to support a Blue collar Relentless entertainer like me. so Thats why I’m giving the props and the pitch.. Love all y’all out there and I hope you guys come see a show soon!

ALSO sidetone for everyone who has sent me messages Checking in on Mama Court and the New Baby “Ryker Aurelius” I’m happy to report the family is doing amazing. Kourts is a superhero when it comes to these little ones and we’re just enjoying time here together as we can.. (He’s a chunk right now and enjoying his Big brother making him laugh )

Thanks for sharing this ride with me!!



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