Jeremy McComb


For Kay Powers-

Today  I  The Music Itself lost an amazing fan Friend…. For 20 years I’ve made my living singing songs, Writing songs, and trying to connect with people.  Early on in my career I would see the same few people coming into all my shows. a small handful of people who[…]

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WACO TRIBUNE (Waco, TX) – “Country Singer Doesn’t try to fit in Clubs, Just Connects with his audience”

Jeremy McComb doesn’t try to fit into a genre, just connects By CARL HOOVER | Posted: Thursday, February 2, 2017 12:01 am Country singer-songwriter Jeremy McComb, who performs this weekend in Waco, prefers music and storytelling that connects with an audience. Country singer-songwriter Jeremy McComb pauses when, after talking[…]

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Looking to 2017

Hey Friends, Well 2016 is just a few weeks from being wrapped up and true to how I do things we’re taking very little time off before getting right back on the roads to see all you wonderful faces in 2017-  What I didn’t think of is with how busy[…]

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Summertime for the 2016 GRIT TOUR

It’s been an Insane, I mean In-Fucking-Sane Summer- So these updates have been a lot further between then I intend.. But I’m so so Thankful to see everything moving the way it is.. This year has been one of the busiest in my Career and I’m so proud of the[…]

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Holy Shit Time Flies…

I know that This is a Little behind.. wow.. It’s just insane where time goes. The new tour has been so busy that I’m finding myself catching my breath in small waves. All of this is about each of you. The job I have and That I task my self[…]

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Post Thanksgiving- Pre-Order-

I hope everybody had an amazing Thanksgiving with people they love.. We spent ours in the Mid-South where we enjoyed a Friends-giving as we don’t have any family close to Nashville.  I deep the 6th annual fried my 9th year in a row and we enjoyed a great day and hope[…]

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Damn, That escalated Quickly,

So here it comes friends, I know so many of y’all have waited so long for this thing to see the light of day (And So Have I) This Album “FM” (Pronounced Eff ’em) is a labor of love for me, I Love & believe in every song on this[…]

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