Jeremy McComb


Happy Thanksgiving!!

I just wanted to take a minute and wish each of you & your families a very happy Thanksgiving.. I also would like mention all of the brave American soldiers who are out there standing guard, getting the job done.. We’ll be keep’em all past and present in a our[…]

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Jeremy LIVE/Featured on Tonight!

Tues, Nov. 22- The popular online concert venue allows fans to connect with the artists they love as well as discovering new artists & music of every genre is Featuring Jeremy tonight for his “Almost like a real tour” tour- Jeremy has performed close to 35 shows over 8[…]

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A Friday Update & Answers to YOUR Questions!

Happy Friday Friends… Every Friday (when I’m not on the road) I take my mighty magical Extravaganza to The Wheel here in Nashville (on Lower Broadway) to kick-off what I like to call “FIREBALL FRIDAYS”! Come see what my extravaganza has in store for tonight, Lets just say: Balloons, shots,[…]

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8 Random questions with Jeremy

1. what is the 1 thing you have to have on the road a: Redbull & Clean Socks.. If I could put on a new pair of socks everyday for the rest of my life I’d be happy.. 2. Have any Pet Peeves? a: Chewing with your mouth open drives[…]

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The Happenings this week- Monday & Friday –Jeremy’s Mighty Magical Extravaganza will be Back Rockin’ The Wheel, Downtown Nashville This Monday & Friday 6-10p, No Cover and it’s ALL Brought to YOU by FIREBALL!! Come catch a Truly Unique Show- Next Week- Tuesday (Nov 22nd)– Jeremy is one of Stageit’s[…]

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Veterans Day 11/11/11

Hello Neighbors… Today being Veterans day I just want to send out my most sincere Thank you to the Brave Men & Women of this country who have Sacrificed so much to allow me to enjoy the Freedom that I enjoy everyday. In the Past year I have ridden hundreds[…]

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Hello Friends Its your pal signing on from the McComb ranch here in Nashville… For those of you who haven’t before been to one of my stageit shows, Tonight is your chance to jump on the bandwagon & check it out..  it’s an Online venue where I literally do the[…]

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Upcoming this week….

Where to find me… The FIREBALL will be flying Mon & Friday for my Mighty Magical Musical Extravaganza’s @ The Wheel on Lower Broadway…  6-10p No Cover!! Tuesday is the “Almost like a Real Tour” Tour Live online at Stageit, Showtime is 8:30p (Central) It features Live Chat & Requests,[…]

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