American Songwriter Talks to Jeremy McComb about “Withdrawals”

“The trip wasn’t just a vacation, however. Gosda had also arranged for a couple Swedish songwriters to join them for a writing retreat.

“It all kind of happened in this really organic, awesome, beautiful, kick-ass experience of being just surrounded in culture and being totally out of my element,” continues McComb.”I was a little unsettled, but everything was so different that it really disarmed all that. We all started talking and writing and the next thing you knew, we had a handful of songs.”

One of those songs turned out to be McComb’s brand new single “Withdrawals.” Co-written with his buddy Dan Olsen and Linnea Lundgren, one of the Swedish songwriters, the tune is an uptempo, almost grungy country rocker about the addiction of lust.” –  American Songwriter

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