Wide Open Country Includes “Back Before I Knew Ya” in 6 New Country Songs You Need to Know

Jeremy McComb describes his music via a Spotify playlist as “frontier rock.” That’s to say that his sound owes as much to the memorable hooks and widely relatable stories that drove the pop-rock success of Tom Petty as the twang-fueled and often location-specific songs of Chris LeDoux.

It makes sense, then, that he’d mesh well creatively with Caroline Jones, whose own dodging of easy classification makes her an ideal collaborator of genre chameleons the Zac Brown Band.

McComb and country artist Rick Huckaby wrote “Back Before I Knew Ya,” a love song for free spirits, while mourning the death of ZZ Top’s Dusty Hill. It’s the ideal blend of differing yet compatible reference points to match McComb’s vocal talent with Jones’ soaring harmonies.

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