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American Songwriter Talks to Jeremy McComb about “Withdrawals”

“The trip wasn’t just a vacation, however. Gosda had also arranged for a couple Swedish songwriters to join them for a writing retreat. “It all kind of happened in this really organic, awesome, beautiful, kick-ass experience of being just surrounded in culture and being totally out of my element,” continues McComb.”I was a little unsettled, […]

Jeremy McComb’s New Single “Withdrawals” is Available Now

Nashville artist/songwriter, Jeremy McComb and writer Dan Olsen, teamed with Swedish songwriter Linnea Lundgren to pen McComb’s new single, “Withdrawals.” Produced by Nick Gibbens, the song features an intoxicating vocal from Nashville favorite Jonell Mosser. Co-written in the Swedish Archipelago in the Baltic Sea in a home owned by a fifth generation of the Tolstoy family. […]