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Hey @ConanOBrien next time someone doesn't show, Hollar at my hillbilly ass, I'll borrow somebodies Jet and get my ass there asap for some country song sanging... #NotScared #IdPickConanOverwhatevershittyshowthatwasanyway.

We had some pretty big news for my #StealTheAir #Tour this morning, In case you missed the #PressRelease
https://t.co/wjl84NxrvO https://t.co/8CIRaCSeee
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Super excited to FINALLY Announce this.. We Partnered with https://t.co/vXGiEg8eMm as my Official Main Tour sponsor for my #StealTheAir #Tour. They Changed the game for me in so many ways from Nerve Discomfort to a Healthier Lifestyle!!
Proud to have them part of my tour Family https://t.co/Mx3lj4RL0C
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I'm in tears for @GrangerSmith and his family. I don't know Granger but my wife and I are sending every bit of our prayers to them.

Dear Kids who are working to become songwriters. Gameshow TV shit is fine for some people, there's nothing wrong with that Path. BUT #TownesVanSandt brought Pancho & Lefty without the opinions of 4 music industry professionals. Learn, be a sponge YES. These people are amazing
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