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I'm in tears for @GrangerSmith and his family. I don't know Granger but my wife and I are sending every bit of our prayers to them.

Dear Kids who are working to become songwriters. Gameshow TV shit is fine for some people, there's nothing wrong with that Path. BUT #TownesVanSandt brought Pancho & Lefty without the opinions of 4 music industry professionals. Learn, be a sponge YES. These people are amazing

So I went to take BIG Drink from my newly purchased FAV Bottle of Cold Coffee @stokcoldbrew and got a Big mouthful of whatever the fuck this is.
Expiration Date September 20 (maybe it's September 1920) ... #Gross https://t.co/IzrmCo6X33
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I'm pretty excited about it too!!! It's on its way Sooner than Later!!!!
#Folsomprison #13Steps https://t.co/wvze5eGJrJ

Great to see y'all last Night thanks for all the nice things you wrote and for coming out!!! Looking forward to a #SOLDOUT #Wisconsin Show TONIGHT! https://t.co/H6QdSx4wWI
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Greg Little @the_greg_little
My job lets me hang out with the cool kids. At Boxcars Pub & Grub with Tim Pogorelski and @Jeremymccomb. https://t.co/vYEuFgHKc4

Thanks so much.. Brand new song written about my tour of #Deathrow at #Folsomprison
#13Steps https://t.co/EwaMDKddap
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