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This absolutely made my 5 year olds Week!!! Thanks Les!! Hope we get the chance to jam sometime 🙂 thank You so much for taking the time! https://t.co/qillewz6mU

Can't tell ya how much I appreciate ya brother!! This FRIDAY ( I told CableGuy wrong) 🙈
@BucksBarGrill #VeniceNE
We've got a TON of people coming, ya never know who might show up! https://t.co/If5dL4vgiv

From the President of the Big Red State of Nebraska.. Truly an honor my friend!! Love ya my brother, Thanks for the Shout out! https://t.co/arFD5NI3PY

Thanks My Brother!! Love ya dude!
CANT WAIT to get Back to #Nebraska This Friday!!
Come say hi Everybody!!!
Don't miss it should be incredible!
@BucksBarGrill #OnlyBarInVeniceNE https://t.co/arFD5NI3PY

Here we go #California <===
Kicking it off in #Clovis / #Fresno Area!
Jimbo's Tomorrow Night 8pm ALSO
Im co-Hosting the Morning show with Gnarley Charlie & Jody Jo on @937KissCountry Tomorrow & Friday! https://t.co/AwnHd3yBF9
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