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“Fiercely Indpendent” is now the only label Jeremy McComb puts on himself.

“It took a long time to figure out who I was. I wasted time as a younger artist comparing myself to people who didn’t inspire me.”

Inspiration is something this road-worn Story-teller is finding quite a lot of these past few years.

 “The minute I just became Indifferent to things that made No Difference I was free. I found my voice, my happiness and this amazing path we’ve been on for the last 8/9 years.”

Jeremy’s Path is a unique one:

Sleeping behind his Dad’s Guitar amp as a child-

dropping out of school at 16 to play clubs-

Working in Radio as a music director-

Tour Managing the biggest Comedy tour in the world-

Writing songs for projects selling over 6 million copies and Movie sound tracks (one of which was nominated for a Grammy)

to finally making his own records and touring with reckless abandon-

“It’s been an insane ride to get to this point. To be honest Every step of this has shaped the connection I have with my audience. Without the comedy Tour or the radio experience I would’ve never been able to craft my approach and find my voice of connecting with my crowd. ”

And that “Crowd” is growing. With over 170 Tour stops in 2017 (220 Days on the road) He is a modern day troubadour who has built a rabid fan base through the years “a handful of people at a time.” – “Every Tour has just gotten bigger, every year more people, more tour dates and we’re making more friends.” He adds.

That growth caught fire with his Self released album “FM”  (which he pronounces Eff’em)

The release has over 1.1 Million Streams and features some of his most inspired writing. “These are real listens, I don’t have a promo team or people running up our numbers, I wanted everything we do to be 100 % real and organic.”

FM is: “The first step into where he wanted to be.” as McComb describes it origins.

“I didn’t wanna just hit my fans with an album that didn’t make sense for them. I was honest and true to myself and most importantly to them and they’ve repaid me by selling out shows and pouring into these venues 10 years ago I was selling 30 tickets at.”

The Past two years have been another big jump in the path.

Staying true to himself, Jeremy made another big decision a few years back to leave the high energy full Band shows at home and take his un-canny gifts of connecting with an audience for a two year Acoustic “TroubleMaker Tour” which had the biggest response of his career and the Live Album which followed showed his un-rivaled ability to capture an audience.

2019 has seen a total revamp and a newly energized full band show and the kick-off of a year long tour SOLD OUT and Capacity shows.


When not touring he enjoys spending time with his wife Kourtney Hansen who plays “Emily” on the Hit TV show “Nashville” and his kids Kennady, Knox & Ryker.

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